London ‘s Most Popular Festivals in Ontario

Hyde Park London Ontario

London is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. It grows both economically and in population every year. It is also home to many festivals every year, and the variety of these festivals also grow with the city. For this reason, in this blog post, we will mention some of these festivals for those who show interest in this topic.

Festival planners in London Ontario are preparing for an expected return to the downtown center for the 2023 festival seasons. As COVID-19 health indicators are improving and pandemic restrictions are easing, they are very excited about the new year. This excitement increases as the city gains more and more interest from outside. Hence, in this blog post, we will be informing you about some of the most popular festivals in London, Ontario: when they take place, and what they offer. 

Forest City Film Festival

The Forest City Film Festival, which first started in 2016, focuses on showcasing the work of filmmakers from Southwestern Ontario. It features juried competition for features, shorts, documentaries, short animations, and other categories. It also screens a number of other Canadian and international films outside of competition.

Forest City Film Festival is one of the most popular and respected festivals in the city. It usually takes place in October every year. It is a beautiful event featuring many lovely films and actors/actresses.

The official website of the festival describes it as ‘’The Forest City Film Festival (FCFF) brings the best work from film artists connected to Southwestern Ontario, in a juried competition for features, shorts, documentaries, short documentaries and short animations. Additionally, FCFF presents a selection of the best Canadian films of the year, industry workshops and networking, a screenplay competition, filmmaker Q&As, receptions and awards.’’

London City Comic Con

The largest comics, science fiction, horror, anime, and gaming convention in SW Ontario is London Comic Con. Across 10,000 people attend each year from all over Southern Ontario and even from other countries, making London Comic Con a must-attend event for followers of pop culture. The event has a significant positive economic impact on the City of London. It fills up hotels and eateries for the entire duration of con.

If you are into anything about pop culture whether it be a movie or a comic book, you will definitely find something that will interest you in London Comic Con.

Forest City ComiCon

A unique celebration of nerd and geek culture: The Forest City ComiCon is a comic con with a London, Ontario location. It offers costumes, merchandise, panels, board games, competitions for video games, and more. Since 2014, the occasion has celebrated geek culture and the surrounding popular culture.

It is a magical event that becomes home to many beautiful scenes, interesting cosplays, famous actors and actresses. It also hosts comic book and video game panels, and a lot more every year.

Pride London Festival

The annual Pride London Festival, which lasts 11 days and includes three days in Victoria Park, honors inclusiveness and diversity with a variety of year-round events. It is an annual chance to unite the LGBT+ communities and allies. The festival hosts events and activities that promote unity, inclusivity, and understanding of sexual and gender diversity. A volunteer-run organization runs Pride London Festival every year. A number of events take place at the festival, which takes place in July.

London Rock The Park Festival

The beautiful Thames River runs alongside Harris Park, the site of the brand-new music festival Rock the Park, which takes place in the center of London. It includes some of London’s most famous landmarks and is close to downtown London. Downtown London is home to some of the best eateries and nightclubs before and after concert hours.

Rock The Park today is one of the most well-known and loved festivals in London. It hosts great bands, events, and a lot more every year in London. It brings great joy to the city’s and festival’s visitors. 

London Ribfest

Ribfest/ London, Ontario

London Ribfest is an annually held festival that features some unique and indigenous flavors. It is held every year at Victoria Park on the Civic Holiday Weekend. Thousands of meat-lovers visit London every year from all around the country and the world to enjoy this mouth-watering event. London Ribfest is also one of the festivals that have a long history. It was first held in 1985, and has been held in London, Ontario ever since for 37 years.