Is The City Of London, Ontario Growing?

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London, one of Canada’s most populated cities, is positioned in the center of southwestern Ontario halfway between Toronto and Detroit. The city offers limitless opportunities for both immigrants and neighbouring cities. London is quickly becoming one of the most popular and crowded cities in Canada.

The city has a mixed structure of both a metropolis and a small town. In terms of opportunities and facilities, it is no different than a metropolis. And it is just like a small town in terms of beautiful local architecture and its heartwarming people. London, which has a population of nearly 530,000, is now Canada’s 11th-largest city.

In today’s post, we will further introduce you to the beautiful city of London. We will also inform you about the elements of life in the city that makes it so unique. We will be answering the question ‘’ Why and How Is London, Ontario Growing?’’ as we move further in this article. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

What Makes London So Special?

As we just mentioned above, London is a city of opportunities. Being one of the largest cities in Canada, it offers everything a metropolis can with every facility it has. There are countless things the city offers that makes everyone fall in love with the city once they start living in it. There are countless tourist attractions, local and global businesses, high-quality education facilities, and a lot more! 

Below, we will look into some of these things that make London so special, and contribute in the growth of the city.

Living In London Is Quite Affordable

London is the perfect city for those who are seeking the experience of living in a big city while also having to pay less for everything. The living cost per capita in the city of London is a lot less than that of other big cities. Additionally, apart from affordability, the city offers countless investing opportunities. There are a long list of big companies that grow more and more everyday located in the city, which would be perfect investments. 

This level of affordability also greatly helps the city grow in population. 

The City Offers Great Business Opportunities

Are you planning to start a business? Are you looking to work at a large-scale company? Or are you simply looking for a part-time job as a student? Well, whatever you are looking for, London always answers to your needs and desires. Companies in every industry always have great job openings in London.

Additionally, starting a business in the city is also very easy and maintainable. Since the living costs in the city are considerably lower compared to its neighboring counterparts, it is also a lot more affordable to found and grow a startup. With this level of flexibility and its rich opportunities, London is home to some of the most promising startups in Canada, and hundreds of new businesses are started every month in the city.

The City Has Many Entertainment Attractions

London hosts countless events every year in various fields. Every year, many sports events, concerts, theatrical plays, local films and documentaries, industry events, fairs, education events, festivals, and nature walks take place in the city, making living in the city a lot more entertaining and joyful.

The number of events that take place in the city also grow every year, making the city a great tourist attraction.

Is London Really Growing?

As you can conclude from the things we mentioned so far, yes, London is rapidly growing. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada. Additionally, experts predict that the city will keep growing in high rates in the foreseeable future. 

London’s population growth mainly comes from immigrants. Over 300,000 people immigrate to Canada each year, and a considerably large portion of these people choose to live in London. This high rate of immigration also enables the city to be a lot more flexible in terms of life opportunities. The diversity of the people living in the city creates a great cultural richness, which supports the social and economical structures of the city. 

Today, over 530,000 people live in London. The rate of immigrant population in the city recently surpassed 25%. Experts estimate the city to surpass the population of 600,000 in a few years, and the population growth doesn’t look like it will slow down in the near future. 

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