Best Activities To Do In London, Ontario

Hyde Park London Ontario

A significant center for post-secondary education, healthcare, and commerce in Southwestern Ontario, London has one of Canada’s highest population growth. The city has expanded in terms of culture, entertainment, and business as a result. A city that once struggled to define its cultural identity is now prospering in almost every aspect.

As the city grows, things you can do in London also has greatly grown in variety and numbers. The city has gained more unique tourist attractions. This is thanks to its recent population and economic growth, which bring growth in its cultural richness alongside them. For all these reasons, in this blog post, we will be informing our readers who are planning to visit or move to London, Ontario about the top 6 activities to do in London, Ontario. 

London is a university city, which means it has a wide range of cultural events. Visitors frequently enjoy visiting the city’s museums and art galleries or seeing a concert at the historic Grand Theatre. 

London also has several parks and natural preserves, each with a variety of walking pathways, for individuals who like outdoor pastimes. There are other more rigorous activities available here. Boler Mountain is a well-known adventure center that transforms into a ski resort once the snow starts to fall. Mountain bikers and hikers are well catered to there.

In this blog post, we will mention all these and more. We will inform you about all the things you can do in London and the places you might want to see when visiting London, Ontario!

Visit Museum London

Plan a trip to Museum London if you want to learn more about the past of London and Ontario. Museum London, which was founded in the 1940s and functions as an art gallery and a history museum. It highlights the rich cultural and social history of the area.

Museum London is one of the biggest and richest museums in both Ontario and Canada. Across 5,000 distinctive pieces of art and some 45,000 artifacts from all over Canada are in the the museum’s outstanding collection, with a focus on the local region. 

Visit Boler Mountain in London

With the large variety of beauties and fun activities the Boler Mountain offers, London is one of the richest cities in terms of the nature activities you can do. The Boler Mountain offers many different activities such as hiking or camping with its unique seasonal beauties throughout the year. During the winter, skiing is also a very popular activity in Mountain Boler. 

During the winter, Boler Mountain is best known as London’s ski and snowboard slope. Even though the terrain in southwest Ontario is very flat, Boler does an excellent job of keeping skiers and snowboarders active without requiring them to leave the city.

Visit Storybook Gardens

The family-friendly Storybook Gardens has long been a major tourist attraction in London. This exciting theme park for kids has just about everything a young child might want in an attraction. It’s located in the city’s well-known Springbank Park. Farm animals in petting zoos, play areas with kid-sized structures to explore, theme park-style attractions, and, in the summer, the always-busy splash area are among all the beautiful things Storybook Gardens can offer.

Wander Around Covent Garden Market

Being the oldest and one of the biggest markets in London, the Covent Garden Market is both a historical attraction and a fertile market filled with the freshest crops.  Even though local farmers selling their crops are still a mainstay of the market, its range of sellers now includes everything from coffee roasters to cheese purveyors, gourmet food suppliers and bakers, as well as crafts, giftware, and a lot more.

Visit St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica

Being one of the oldest and most beautiful cathedrals in the area, St. Peter’s Cathedral is a scene worthy of being seen. With its beautiful architecture and design as well as its historical air, St. Peter’s Cathedral is one of the places you should definitely consider visiting when you are in London. 

Join Festivals

More than 100 festivals take place in London every year. From music festivals to kids festivals, from religious events to sports events, many entertaining and interesting events take place in London throughout the four seasons of the year. Some of the most popular festivals in the city taken place annually are:

  • Home County Music and Art Festival
  • Forest City Film Festival
  • London Comic Con
  • Pride London Festival
  • Sunfest
  • Western Fair

For further information about festivals in London, you can also take a look at our article about festivals in London by clicking